Kristian Dubbick

geboren 1956
HdK Berlin, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Meisterschüler von Prof. Rolf Crummenauer,

Lebt und arbeitet


Schachenaueler Str. 56
53797 Lohmar

Zu der künstlerischen Arbeit von Kristian Dubbick

Kristian Dubbick is a german painter. His artistic work represents “feeling one’s way” in the world and a critical view of Nature, of everything that has always determined our being and will continue do so in future. Here he immerses himself in the past, there he formulates very individual views of the sea and moon, elsewhere he devotes himself to studies of clouds, flowers and colours. Many of these portrayals give the impression of slight to strong movement, sometimes held within bounds, at others seemingly free. This essentially applies to his in-depth preoccupation with water, the life-giving element and with the memory that water evokes. Dubbick is also able to excitingly and harmoniously convey water’s pulsation, its “heartbeat” and “soul”, in glowing and restrained, frequently contrasting colours and sometimes graphically arranged representations.